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Friday, August 11, 2006

The house that Kaia built and other summer Fun! Like Father...Like daughter. Kaia wanted Kevin to paint our house pink, well that did not happen, but we helped her build her own house to paint whatever color she wanted. Kaia with cousin Kalia at the beach boardwalk. Rock concerts, jetskiing, Visitors, All-Access pass's here are some pics from our summer. Yes, I was crazy enough to camp with kids. I was in a group of 60 people so that helped. Like always they did not come up in order.

With Nona at Spirit West Coast
Julie (last time at SWC): Linda are you buying that Rob Biagi CD for your grandkids?
Linda: No, for me.

Baby Jail

Can you tell how happy Micah is?

With Bob the Tomato and Larry the Cucumber

I'm Micah's CheesburgerERRRRRR!


Phase 10 anyone? anyone?

Some additional family members this summer Federico and Auntie Cole

Enjoying the show

and very happy about being a butterfly!

All Access - Oh Yea!

Kylee to Nicole when told they may be able to go back stage with Newsboys: Do you really think we'll be able to?

Nicole to Kylee: You don't understand my sister has weird connections.

Lake Tulloch