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Sunday, December 25, 2005

Merry Christmas part 2. The gifts. Kaia & Micah thank Grandma, Grandpa, Mema, Dowd, Heather, Roby, Natalie, Alice, Joe, (sorry if I forgot anyone) and of course Santa for all there wonderful gifts!

Merry Christmas part one
Kaia in dress up clothes
Micah's fav. gift- decorative burpy's

Christmas Eve
We went to a Christmas eve service and then out to dinner for Julie's Birthday

Big Sister
Little Brother...
They are such a special pair
They laugh and play, have fun all day
With energy to spare
Often times they disagree
But before the daylight ends
They are sitting side by side
The very best of friends
So we post these pictures
On the internet for all to see
A big sister, a little brother
Who are as special as can be
Judith Bulock Morse

Aptos at Sunset

A few weeks ago Kaia's friend Phoebe moved to San Diego. She lives near legoland. So when we were down in southern CA last week we did a trip to Legoland. Kaia talked about seeing San Diego, San Boots, & San Dora all the way down so we were so relived to see a lego version of them at Legoland, that is what she thought San Diego meant. The Christmas tree is made entirely out of lego's as is the characters. Kaia & Micah also got to see Santa for the 3rd time.

2nd annual Mother Daughter tea.
Last year there were 3 Mom's and 3 daughters. This year there were about 12 of each.
Very cute little tea house in Capitola.

Micah smile's - age 3 months

Kaia having fun with cousins

Kaia's first skate-
She was a natural

The Tree hunt
The Tree found "Tugboat"
The Tree cutters (Kevin & Kaia)
The Group (2nd annual tree cutting outting in Santa Cruz Mts.)
The Tree decorated (by Julie & Kaia)
I do not know why they did not come up in order, but hey- here they are.