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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Elephant Seals & Olallieberry picking

Nicole with friend from Sweden, Alexandria (who was staying with a friend of ours)
Damien learned to surf- He rocks- I was very proud.
Micah enjoying the beach
Kids at Carmel-by-the-sea

Congratulations to Brian & Molly. Another highlight of the summer was a visit from Brian & Molly. I have know Brian for 16 years and he got married this summer on the East Coast and although I missed the wedding (which was a bummer- same day as Kaia's recital) I got to see them on the honeymoon tour of CA, which included a stop in Aptos for the 4th of July Aptos parade. Fourth of July

Some of Kaia's friend were in the parade and jumped out to get a picture with Kaia in matching outfits.


Blogger sliceofisaaclife said...

ok, so kaia looks like a little beach bum with her oh so cute paul frank hoodie...i want one! glad nicole, her boy and damien were able to visit. and, felch got married? what!? i didn't know that! just goes to show i really haven't talked to rich in i'm missing out on the 'port updates! good for him. it's about time!!! yay! ;)

2:50 PM  
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